Mit geringem Aufwand lässt sich unser embedded AK-TCP/IP-Dual-Stack in Ihre Hardware-Lösung integrieren. Sie erhalten zwei Libraries, die es Ihnen erlauben, ohne weitere Kenntnisse des jeweiligen Microcontrollers, Ihre Lösung mit unserem embedded AK-TCP/IP Stack zu verbinden.

Industrial device server

AK-NORD now also extends its comprehensive range of products in the industrial field with 7 new models of the AK-DinRail series. This new series consisting of a LAN device server, ADSL broadband router, 5Port NWay switch.....




AK-NORD print servers are small compact network adapters which integrate practically any printer equipped with a parallel or a USB port in a network.

Serial device server

Using the AK-NORD serial device server it is possible to integrate easily and rapidly external terminals in an existing network. The terminal is connected to the device server via a power cable. To do so, the interfaces RS232 / RS485 as well as USB are available.


Embedded LAN-Modules

Embedded module

An embedded LAN module is a small Ethernet module which can be integrated in an existing terminal. In most cases the interfaces are RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, USB as well as Ethernet 10/100


The AK-SecurePowerSwitch is a top-class IP socket. It is possible to switch up to 10A or 2300 watts without any restrictions. On the AK-SecurePowerSwitch it is not possible since the electrical devices are fully electronically switched on and off by means of a Solid-State-Relais. No sticking together and burning of the contacts and thus absolutely wear-free and safe.




Adapter to connect printers and multifunction printers with an USB connection to the parallel or serial interface of PCs, measuring devices, laboratory and diagnostic devices, control panels, medical devices as well as all other products with a parallel or serial printer interface.